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Product Specifications

ProMaster  7400EDF Digital Electronic Flash for Pentax and Samsung #7301  

Main specs

Guide Number:  120 ft (ISO 100, 105mm)

Bounce Angle:  +90 / -7 vertical

Dimensions:  not rated


ProMaster-7400EDF Digital Electronic Flash for Pentax and Samsung #7301-Flashes and Speedlights



not rated


not rated

Power Source

4 x Standard battery AA type

Type of Unit

Flash / Speedlight


Notable Features

The PROMASTER 7400EDF Digital is a fully dedicated TTL flash designed to work seamlessly with today's high tech digital SLRs as well as traditional SLRs. It features motorized zoom, a powerful guide number of 120 and full auto TTL integration with your digital SLR. The flash has the added benefit of being able to update the firmware which insures that you will get many years of reliable flash photography.

Exposure / Flash Control


Guide Number

120 ft (ISO 100, 105mm)

Angle of Coverage

2° to 86°, 24mm - 105mm

Bounce Angle

+90 / -7 vertical

Shooting Distance (Zoom Range)

up to 120 ft

Recycling Time

between 0.3 and 10 s

Battery Life

not specified

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